Sifting through therapist profiles feels daunting and hopeless. Then you contact someone and they don’t have availability or take your insurance. You pick your next choice and go to a session that feels awkward, judged, and unhelpful. You’ve just paid a lot of money for the session and after weeks of searching, you are feeling worse and still without a therapist. This is exactly why CareNook is here to help you.

Local therapists are hand-selected to provide the care you need. Only 60% of therapists which apply to CareNook are approved. Therapists are rigorously vetted with licenses, references, and a face-to-face interview. They are highly-skilled, empathetic, supportive, and genuine clinicians who are available to help you feel better and bring positive change to your life.

95% of people are successfully matched - save time, energy money, and hope. With CareNook, find life-changing therapy.

Receive personalized recommendations, choose a therapist and appointment time, and attend your session.

It’s innovative, simple, and fast.

Studies show the relationship with your therapist is what matters most.  So, it’s not the type of therapy they use, but how much you connect with them. We match you with someone you can click with from the start. CareNook’s database has extensive information on therapists, including clinical abilities, specialties, personal history, beliefs, and personality to truly find the therapist for you.

People see as many as 5 therapists before finding the right fit.

With CareNook, you can find the right fit in 24 hours.

  • Get matched with a local therapist within 24 hours

  • Easily schedule your first appointment

  • Therapists are pre-vetted to provide quality therapy

  • Rate your session to make faster progress in therapy

  • We are HIPAA compliant-your information is private

CareNook just launched its pilot phase in Spring 2018.  It's currently being offered in the Seattle, Washington area and will be expanding to Austin, Texas soon.  

For those outside of the pilot area, please sign up for updates below and we'll notify you when we expand outside of Seattle.


(Please note:  If you are in a crisis situation and need immediate assistance, please call your local crisis clinic, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.  (King County Crisis 24 Hour Line: 866-4-CRISIS (866-427-4747))


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