Extensive Therapy Matching Services

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Quick and easy!

Be on your way to a life-changing experience.

  • High-quality therapists - pre-vetted and interviewed

  • Matched according to appt times, fee coverage*, specializations, things in common, and personality

  • Quick access to therapists

  • Sliding scales negotiated when needed

  • 2-3 personalized therapist recommendations that uniquely match you

  • Initial appointment quickly scheduled

  • Therapy navigation assistance and resources

  • Improved therapy outcome with CareNook’s unique Feedback-Informed-Treatment system

    Find an awesome therapist. The very first time.

    When people search for a therapist on their own, it often takes as many as 5 therapists before they find the right one.

    Save time, money, and hope with CareNook’s innovative service.

Matching Services - $15

We guarantee to find you a good fit or your money back! *


Your information is kept confidential in accordance with HIPAA and also stored on HIPAA compliant servers.


*Please note: although we make every effort to match you up according to session fee coverage, at this time we cannot guarantee recommendations will include providers that accept your particular insurance.

*Money-back guarantee: if a good fit is not found after attending sessions with recommended therapists