Why be a part of our therapist network?

“With so many impersonal online therapist directories, CareNook is such a breath of fresh air. They take the time to carefully vet everyone and then take it a step further, making thoughtful matches based on who might fit best to one another.”
— Matthew W., LMHC, MHP

Therapist perks!

Your practice will grow - get referrals! - we are dedicated to bringing you clients. When we find a good match for you, we lift you up to the client and highlight all the reasons they should choose you as their therapist. Think of it as a personal referral source. This saves you time and money on marketing, advertising, and networking. 

Get your "ideal" clients - through our extensive matching process based on personality and things in common, we strive to bring your "ideal" client to you. Just think of filling your practice with clients that “click” with you and keep you passionate and motivated about the important work you are doing.

Less work for you - no longer spend time handling client's initial questions or any pre-appt instructions, giving you peace of mind that your new client is staying engaged.  Just confirm you want the client and we do the rest.

Reduced initial no-shows - no more questioning if new clients will come to their first appt, clients actively confirm their initial appointment by responding to a simple text, shown to significantly reduce no-shows.

Feedback system - a valuable tool to hear what clients think about their sessions, allowing you to tailor treatment for each client, increasing progress, depth, and length of treatment. Feedback-informed Treatment is shown to significantly increase the effectiveness of therapy and keep clients in treatment longer.

Peer support - be part of a network of like-minded therapists - a place to form strong colleague relationships to help you thrive as a private practice therapist - no work and all fun, social opportunities!

“CareNook takes care of so much of the work of getting a client to their first appointment. When I get a client referral through CareNook, I know I have a client who’s likely a great fit for my practice, and I know the first appointment paperwork and confirmation will be taken care of.”
— A local Seattle therapist

Our Services

It's free to join and be recommended to clients!  We also support your practice with administrative tasks, scheduling new clients, and a client feedback system. And it’s all free!

“Well organized and initiated.”
— Deb M., LMHC

Clinician Requirements:

  • Masters or Doctorate Level licensed mental health clinician currently providing psychotherapy in an in-person private practice setting (Open to all LMHCs, LMFTs, LCSWs, PhDs, PsyDs, and Associate levels)

  • Currently accepting new clients

  • Provide ethical and legal psychotherapy practices

  • Maintain liability insurance

  • Agrees with the core beliefs of CareNook - Our Approach

  • Has engaged in personal therapy and has a strong ability to empathize, engage, and connect with clients

Want to be on our referral list?

Join us in this new approach to finding therapy

We are currently accepting applications from any clinician who practices within the city of Seattle.


Just complete the screening form to get started!

(2-5 Minutes)


After your application is processed, you can expect an email from us regarding next steps.  

Need an easy way to refer clients?

Just send them to CareNook by giving them our website - www.mycarenook.com, and we'll make sure they find a therapist.  

If a client reaches out to a busy or full clinician, clients are left without a referral, go months without getting an appt booked, and can even give up on finding therapy.

Help us change the approach to finding therapy, send clients to CareNook where we devote ourselves to finding them the help they need.


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