Good therapy has never been this simple




1)  Complete the online questionnaire

Answer questions about you and your therapy needs (10-15 min).




2)  Choose a therapist & appt time

Pick a local therapist out of 2-3 matches just for you. Choose an appointment time.




3)  Attend your session

Go to your therapy session. Rate your experience to confirm the fit.


Therapy can change your life

  • Access to an elite group of local therapists to provide effective therapeutic experiences

  • Personalized matching with a local therapist to give you a head start on the life-changing benefits you desire

  • A feedback system with your therapist to keep your therapy on track and increase success

  • Continuity of care for you, remaining supported in your journey of self-growth as any changes arise

We only choose the best! 

The local therapists in our network are highly competent, empathetic, and ready to connect with you

Therapist Selection Process:

1. Application Screening

2. Credential/License Verification

3. Colleague Reference Checks

4. Interview at Therapist's Office

Ready to see the therapist that’s right for you? 

Your information is kept confidential in accordance with HIPAA and stored on HIPAA compliant servers.

We are passionate about making therapy easy, effective, and common

Our Services are for Everyone!

Using insurance?  Looking for sliding scale?  No amount matters?

We've got you covered!  We just make sure its a match that works for you.


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